Tuesday, April 12, 2011

eating on trains with girls...

Breakfast on the train with this little cutie was absolutely perfect. The conductor walked around and announced breakfast at 6 am and she was ON IT. She said it was a MUST do. She was up and ready. She decided the night before that we NEEDED breakfast in the dining car… we sat with a man who was traveling and was thrilled to sit with a 6 year old and her mom. He asked us about our travels and our plans. She drank juice from a wine glass, the food was FANTASTIC! We had such lovely conversation. We watched the sun rise in the observation car, we hugged each other and waited anxiously for our arrival in Chicago! She was excited to see my parents, meet her new doll Kanaani at the American Girl doll store and experience the museums that awaited us there. I more than anything wanted a nap, but also anxiously awaited our Chicago adventures!

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