Monday, April 11, 2011


Let's get a few things straight; when you ride the train, Washington D.C. IS on the way to Chicago! AND the Capital building IS NOT the White house! This needed to be clarified for Kid4 and I. Yes, Im embarrassed, but I was confused for a second too! I didn't think it was and she kept saying "it's the white house…… right?" I led her astray… I did correct her, don't worry.

I was exhausted! If it wasn't for this breathtaking girl I would have sat in the train station for the whole SIX hour lay over and never even taken a look outside. I DID NOT want to carry our bags another inch. Once she talked me into it, it was worth the heavy lugging, aching arms and throbbing head for the view and her face. She was thrilled. She filled me with facts about D.C. She was enamored with the thought of being SO close to the Obamas, her favorite first family. She was thrilled to be near the "ancestors of Abraham Lincoln". D.C was thrilling to my little birdie pie, which made it thrilling to me too!

She was in love with the idea of being near the capital. She begged to go to the capital and knock on the door…. I declined. it was REALLY far, and I didn't see us being able to tour it with ALL our bags! Not to mention my arms were literally about to fall off!

The train station was SO busy. She had pizza and I tied her to me and took a little nap. The train station in D.C. was like a mall. There was so much to do and I couldn't do a single thing. I was exhausted, my bags weighed 5,000 pounds and I felt like I hadn't slept in days. I rested and she ate… we had the time of our lives, enjoyed our time together and I wouldn't trade a single minute of it. It was wonderful.

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