Monday, April 25, 2011

our next adventure...


Kid4 and I got back from Chicago
we picked up Kid2, kid3 and Max and headed to New Orleans for spring break!
We were so excited and SO tired!
Bat Girl picked us up from the train station,
we headed home,
cleaned up,
repacked and headed south!

We had fantastic adventures with our dear friends in New Orleans.
One of the highlights of our trips was getting to love on our sweet Haylie!
She is Kid2's childhood friend from Mt. Perfect.
She just happened to be New Orleans for a wedding.
We met her downtown and loved on her for a few minutes!
Is she the cutest thing you have ever seen or WHAT?

I threw kid2 down on the filthy streets of New Orleans
so she could participate in a show with a street performer.
She was mortified.
Our dear friends may or may not have thought this was such a good idea.
I may or may not have thought it through before I volunteered her.
I may or may not have realized the filth before I shoved her out there.
I may or may not have taken my medication.
I may or may not think things through before I do them.
This may or may not be a blog for a different day.

The art in New Orleans has pure eclectic beauty.
It's expressive art, I loved it.
I saw so many pieces that I would have loved to bring home.
I could have looked all day,
I enjoyed looking at the art first and then the artist.
It's interesting to me to study the art and then the artist.
Usually the artist never looks like you think they will.

This little beauty kept getting roses thrown at her… she loved it!
She was practically lost in all the buildings,
the color, the people.
She took it all in.
She wanted to look at everything and it's just not possible.
I wish I could have read her mind.
From Chicago to New Orleans…
WHAT a change!
She was enamored by the music, the street performers, but we all were.
I wanted to ask the young street performers a million questions.
I love to pick peoples brains- there are so many things I want to know.
There are just not enough hours in the day…

We saw SO MUCH water…
I had no idea how much water was in Louisiana…
I had always wondered and I want to say "now I know"
but I don't even think I can wrap my mind around it.
We enjoyed the beauty of the water, the swamps,
the wild flowers, the fish, the way the sky touches the blue water
and the way the trees twist around…. Louisiana is truly beautiful.

Some of us were a little crabby :)
But we all had a BLAST.
We made LIFELONG friends here…
family really.

The end of this day was the beginning of amazing...

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