Saturday, April 9, 2011

another birthday thought..

my mind races as you keep turning seventeen today….
I woke up and your STILL seventeen today.

When the Dr. handed me beautiful you he never mentioned that you would one day turn seventeen, he never said that you would grow up. I don't know why they leave all those details out? Seventeen feels so old to me. I haven't seen you yet today, you went out to breakfast with Weezy this morning and I just know when I see you I'll melt inside. I know I ask myself all the time; "how did you get so_____" but this time it's different….. I can't put it into words. Maybe it's because at seventeen I was married, settled down in to my life and I am thankful you are still mine, I am so thankful that you are still growing, changing, free to be you, free to grow and be a teenager, free to make choices and free to get to know yourself still.

Im so proud of you, I know I don't tell you enough how amazing you are. Your so beautiful, I know I don't tell you enough how breathtaking you are to me and always have been. You are so brilliant, I know I haven't told you that you are brilliant like I should have. Please know that you are all these things and more! Please remember that you are exceptional my seventeen year old girl, please never forget that no one compares to you. Please remember that I am so thankful that you are mine and even when I am frustrated you are second to none! I love you MISS SEVENTEEN!

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