Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a very young-old, lively-dead old man who build a huge ark

When I picked up Kid4 from school today she said "Hey Mom, when Noah flooded the earth I was a baby and we just stayed in our house with the door shut tight... right?"

I said "no, God flooded the earth a very long time ago, you and I weren't born yet, it was a really REALLY long time ago, Noah built an ark and there were not houses then like there are now".

Kid4 said "Are you sure because he just doesn't seem that old to me"

I said "OH, well Noah is not only VERY OLD, he's also dead, it was a LONG LONG time ago".

She then said "mom, he's NOT dead, I saw him yesterday"

I said "you saw Noah yesterday?"

She said "yes, and he just doesn't seem that old to me, I thought he was MUCH younger than a VERY OLD man, I thought he was just a kid, he looks so young".

I said "Noah looks young?"

She said "yes! Noah, our neighbor!" (our neighbor Noah is 8 or 9)

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I already know she is smarter than me, you don't have to say it. I should have picked up that she was talking about the neighbor Noah long before I did... what can I say?

And yes, I explained that there are two Noah's.

The end

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