Thursday, September 30, 2010

my boy

Kid3 is doing good.
(he really says he hates it- Im trying to be in denial)
He is adjusting well.
(not so well actually but Im trying to ignore it and hope it gets better)
We miss him.
(thats the truth-no denial there)
Doesn't he look handsome?
(also true- cute as a button!)
We enjoy every minute of being with him in New Mexico.
(not always true, but we try)
We do not enjoy every minute of the drive, I cannot tell a lie...
(now THATS all true)
It's a bear of a drive.
(true- no denial)
So worth this handsome face.
(yes true, worth his little smile)
So worth his unforgettable smile.
(yes, yes, true)
I love him.

(please disregard the frizzy hair, thank you very much)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your hair is not frizzy and you look gorgeous! (that is the truth)