Saturday, September 11, 2010

never forget

September 11, 2001

Is of course a day that no one that lived through it will ever forget.
Do you remember where you were that day?
Do you remember what time it was when you realized this was happening in our own country?
Do you remember just how you felt?

I do. I remember it all every detail, I hope I never forget.
I took my children to school.
I dropped them off.
I came home and turned on the TV to see smoke and chaos.
I was confused... I was scared...
I checked to make sure my TV was not on a movie.
I stood there and watched bewildered and terrified.
I stepped back and fell unto my couch sitting there in awe.
I picked up the phone sitting next to me and dialed Mr. B.
I told him what I was watching.
He didn't believe me, he said "you must be watching a movie honey".
I wish I had been.
I told him to go turn on a TV and call me back.
He did, his voice was shaking.
I told him I just wanted to get the kids from school and be close to them.
He said "GO GET THEM"
He worked in Denver at the time, his building was evacuated.
I picked up the kids and snuggled them "safe" at home.
We waited for Mr. B.
I turned a movie on in the kids room.
I sat in front of the TV all day and cried.
I watched in absolute horror and disbelief.
We laid awake all night.
We clung to each other and our children.
I have never felt the same about so many things.
Most Americans never will.

Burning the koran is NOT the answer.
It doesn't take the hurt away, it doesn't change 9-11
It doesn't change a thing
don't forget, don't ever forget 9-11

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