Wednesday, September 8, 2010

oh dear. Im so so sorry.....

(there I am in all my double chinned glory standing by my trim brother.... )
My poor parents... sometimes I feel like I should write them the hugest apology letter of all time! If you know me well, can you even imagine raising me? I must have been a total nightmare and now that I have teens, I just want to cry for them (my parents, not my teens). They deserve a chance to kick and scream and throw a fit about raising me... my poor parents!

Thanks mom and dad!
Again, sorry for the nightmares.

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Brandi said...

Having one of those moments where you're sorry and they are probably laughing hysterically?

My parents have those moments from time to time when they see me dealing w/Lil' Bub (my payback child). I think they enjoy it WAY too much. LOL! :)