Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday United States NAVY

My sailor :) (survivor of our 5 children)

My Grandpa (USS Drexler survivor)

If I had only known how influential the US Navy was going to be in my life I may have been a little bit easier about the bell bottom uniforms and UGLY pale blue works shirt those handsome sailors wore when I was a teenager. If I had only known that the US Navy would play such a HUGE role in my life I might have listened closer to my Grandaddy's old sea stories. I wish I would have listened closer, I wish I would have paid closer attention, I wish, I wish, I wish…

I could have never imagined that the Navy would have played such an important and wonderful role in my life. I could never have known that while gazing at my handsome Grandaddy as a young sailor on that picture wall of fame that I would one day marry a sailor. I could never imagine that while being nestled into my Grandpa's lap intently watching him organize reunions for the survivors of the USS Drexler that one day I would be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my own sailor after a long deployment.

Happy Birthday Dear Old United States Navy! Happy Birthday dear old friend! WOW, 236 years and counting! Thank you for your service, for your history and for all your amazing sea stories. I can't wait to hear a thousand more…

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