Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My sweet babies!

I haven't blogged in a month!

Have you ever met a REALLY REALLY sweet boy? I fear that boys get bad reputations from the "bad boy" type, but the thing is, boys can be THE SWEETEST! I own one of those super duper sweet boys and his name is Kid3… not really, he has a real name! My kid3 is so kind hearted. I have often said if I could have had twins I would have picked Kid3 to be a double because he is literally lovely to be around 90% of the time.

I encourage you to look at your boys, your nephews, your friends and seek out their kindness. Expect boys to be kind and sweet and they may surprise you. YES! They can be messy, rude and loud but they can also be kind, understanding and good listeners. Expect the best from the boys in your life and you just might be amazed at what emerges.

My sweet boy loves to love on his baby sister… isn't he a sweet thing? ;)

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