Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanking GOD...

I saw this on a friend of mine's facebook the other day and I have thought about it ever since. I have been praying diligently with Kid4 over so many things so that she may have peace about her Daddy, school, friends and so many other things that plague her little restless soul. I spend so much time listing things that we are thankful for that I often forget to ask God for help for the things we are struggling with. Sometimes after I say "Amen" she adds "...and help me to not have bad dreams…"

What do YOU thank God for every day? I ALWAYS thank God for my kids, their friends, for Batgirl and her family OF COURSE! I ALWAYS thank God for my home, our safety, happiness and the fact that we are free. I was thinking the other day after I read this about only waking up to what I had thanked God for… REALLY think about that…!

I adjusted my prayers a bit tonight! :)

Thank YOU GOD for everything! I love you.

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