Friday, May 14, 2010

subway..... the other white meat

I am reposting part of a blog I wrote in March of last year because it’s hilarious and you won’t believe what happened this time when I went to hoof-ville…. Last March we had a bad Subway incident with my Grandaddy… and so we always joke about it when we see a Subway we shout "BURGER". Part of the story is below, and the rest is HERE.

“…………I called my mom to ask if my Grandpa liked Subway, I have never taken him there and she mentioned how it’s my Aunt Fern’s favorite place to eat. (one of the only places in Hoof-ville) I called Aunt Fern, and invited her to join us there. I picked up Granddaddy and headed to meet aunt Fern at Subway.

When I mentioned Subway to one very grouchy, hungry old farmer he did not take it well. He apparently DOES NOT eat sandwiches for dinner. As we pulled in, he let us know that the last time he had eaten there was the first time and he said he’d never go back. Bat Girl and I were a little nervous…

We got in sat down and he wanted to know what they had- I read the menu to him, and after a few sandwiches he would say “DO THEY JUST HAVE A BURGER?”…. I would read a few more and he would say “WHAT ABOUT A BURGER”? I was starting to feel like he wanted a burger! :0)

This is how the conversation (if you can call it that) went:

Me- tuna fish, turkey and bacon, BMT….


Me- any kind of salad he would like, roast beef, maybe crab meat?

Him- B-U-R-G-E-R?

Me- (surely he will be wooed by the red meat selection, after all he is a farmer) Meatball with cheese, Philly cheese steak?

Him- *B*U*R*G*E*R*?

My Sweet Bat Girl grabbed the keys to the batmobile and drove down the street to The burger barn (yes, thats the real name)and got a burger for the two of them. She is so nice! I was relieved that he was now looking down the barrel of a hamburger and fries. “

This trip when I headed to Hoof-ville to visit Granddaddy I had the brilliant idea of getting there the night before and staying in a hotel and take him breakfast in the morning. A perfect plan right? (not so much) I asked the night before where I could get breakfast in Hoof-ville and was told two places. I could go to the burger barn…. (yes ironic I know) or I could go to McDonalds which is on the turnpike, thank you very little I didn’t want to pay to get on the turnpike just to turn around again and pay to get back off…. Seemed like a silly waste of money (turns out it wouldn't have been).

Burger Barn -closed.

McDonalds- NO! I was too stubborn to pay for the turnpike.
SOOOO…. Im going to give you ONE guess as to the only place in town I could find breakfast?

YEP you guessed it!

SUBWAY is now serving breakfast…..

I was like REALLY!?

I also wish this was the end of the story but it’s not. The rest includes one SUBWAY sandwich bag stuck to my ring for 2 trifling hours and a pair of underwear…. I just know your holding your breath!

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