Monday, May 17, 2010

help Im drowning....

I know I write love letters to my kids and tell you how wonderful they are and how much I enjoy them (and they really are nice kids most of the time) but can I just say that those trifling teens are driving me insane today? They are unmistakably trying to kill me I just know it. Between the driving, and I use that term loosely because none of them have their licences, the dating and the strange men talking to my daughter I think I may actually be losing my mind.

I have to speak very highly of Kid1’s girl Weezy, she’s honestly practically perfect and the time we have with her makes all my days better and I’ll tell you why…. SHE’S GROWN! She’s not a high school-er anymore! We can actually have intelligent conversation and spend time together without any major questions like “can I drive?”, “why can’t I drive?” and “FINE THEN! can you take me?” She is easy; she drives AND does her own laundry! Poor Weezy has mono right now though she has slept for an entire 10 days. I’ve been worried out of my mind that she’ll dehydrate.

When I came home tonight Kid1’s car was MIA and I freaked! Let me repeat HE HAS NO LISCENCE! I was irritated and texted him…. Which seems like a good idea but then again I’m not sure a kid with no license should be texting while driving… (And let’s not get into the texting while driving debate ok?) So I called him and he didn’t pick up…. So I went looking for him and while I was looking he called and reassured me that HE wasn’t driving his car, his friend was…. OH…. YAY, thrilling! Some other teenager was driving my son’s car…what a relief- NOT.

This morning my sweet girl, Kid2 flew to Colorado to visit her BFF. She was so excited, I was so nervous. I tried to pretend not to be nervous until she forced me into admitting it and then I did the nervous laugh…. Dang teens! She called from Denver asking if she should let a TOTAL STRANGER who had offered her money to check his email borrow her MAC….? REALLY? Not so much!

Right this very minute Kid3 is watching a movie downstairs with GIRLS…. In my basement.

I promise they are trying to kill me.

Can you save me? Is there anyone out there willing to dive right in and pull me out of this cesspool of teenagers.

HELP MEEEEEE………………..!!!!!


ambzdanielle said...

I'm not trying to kill you mommy. :)

Ashley said...

Amberoo.... I LOVE you!

Amber Danielle said...

I LOVE you too! :)

Brandi said...

Ash, don't meltdown on me. You're making me nervous... you're like my mom mentor. ;) You're supposed to continue to make it look like a total breeze to raise teens. LOL! :)

wabisabigirl said...

Oh man. I love reading your posts because: 1. your kids seem way too perfect in real life...even Ben left your house after having dinner with Mr. B & Kids 3 &4 and said, "Those were the most polite kids I've ever met." (Kid 3's friend was really sweet too:) and 2. because it makes ages 5, 3 & 1 1/2 (who were all up here trying to kill me today) seem like a walk in the park. (If you were at a park where everyone was whining and beating each other about the head with Snow White dolls & those light up glow bracelet things...)