Monday, October 11, 2010

the "peace treaty"

When Kid1 was sworn into the Navy on Thursday it was a long day for him. He waited and waited at Atlanta MEPS, luckily his dad waited with him while Batgirl, Weezy, Kid4 and I shopped at the nearby outlets until it was time.

Once it was "time" it all went so fast! They called his name, Mr. B stood upfront and did the swearing in. It all happened in about 2 minutes. I got as many pictures as possible and then we were shuttled out the door.

As we left Mr. B wanted to check one more time on Kid1 and said he would join us in the truck in a minute. We walked out and were talking about the weather and how quick it all went and Kid4 interrupted and said "Is Daddy coming with us or is he staying at the Peace Treaty?" We were silent and all tried not to laugh- she says the BEST things!

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Andi Daniels said...

I love love love that sweet little girl you call kid4. I love you too, of course! <3