Saturday, October 2, 2010

forget me not!

The last time we went to Roswell to visit my sweet Hunter we drove and drove and DROVE... and spent two days with my baby boy and then headed home on Sunday evening as always- thats our routine. We leave my parents house, fill up with gas, get dinner and hit the road, it's just what we do.

So we said our goodbyes, got gas, debated on dinner and decided to get something in the next town- we were 20 miles out of town, near nothing and I got a very important text.

"You forgot 2 dolls"

These aren't any dolls- one of them (Bitty Baby) is a very trusted friend and the other she just recently fell in love with. There was no discussion, as soon as I read the text out loud, Mr. B. turned the car around and said "Well... we CAN'T leave them and we're still close, we'll go back"

So back we went for these two friends and this is what was waiting for us. They knew we'd come back! :)

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