Saturday, October 30, 2010

a little more painting, a little less carving... and A LOT less rotting

We had our annual "pumpkin carving night" this afternoon. Usually we do it at night in the dark with candles and hot chocolate on the porch... this year there were a few things that made it not quite right...

1. Kid3 is not here. we miss him.
2. It's rainy, hot and muggy.
3. half of the kids have scheduling time seems impossible.
4. last year the pumpkins rotted in 5.5 seconds carving was OUT.

We compromised and made our "carving night" a carving afternoon, we did it inside and we painted the pumpkins instead. We still had hot chocolate, we had a stupendous time and we missed kid3 like crazy. Shortly after our pumpkins were done our kids scurried off here and there to work, homework dates and college... this whole kids growing up thing is tricky!

Here is a peek at 2009 and 2008

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