Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lacking lungs!

My poor Kid 3 was TERRIBLY sick when we saw him last. I knew he was sick when I got there because his voice sounded like a 6 year old girl which means asthma for him and he could barely talk he was struggling for air. His face was swollen and his eyes were all droopy.... I was definitely concerned the minute I laid eyes on him!

Bat Girl is the one with the information about asthma in fact as a little kid I had no idea why he was so sick so often and she's the one who made me take him to the Dr and diagnosed him with asthma... she is a very good google Doctor, I seriously always trust her opinion.

We took poor Kid3 to the urgent care clinic where they promptly got him a breathing treatment and prescriptions. We headed back to my parents and he crashed. I got special permission to keep him at my parents to let him rest but he seemed to be getting worse. Finally Bat Girl and I gave in and took him to the ER and he was diagnosed with bronchitis... poor kid.

So... we left him with 6 prescriptions and 4 over the counter meds and an appointment with the infirmary at school 4 times a day for the next ten days! Poor kid...

He is much better now and on the road to being healthy once again! Thank goodness!

but seriously... isn't he the CUTEST?!

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