Tuesday, May 24, 2011

whats in a name?

This is an OLD pic of those kids I named ;)

My love for names started in the aisles of a toy store looking into that well known green box. Xavier Roberts started my passion for naming babies and it took off from there. I spent hours reading cabbage patch doll names. And for as long as my mom would let me stand in the doll aisle I would . I read every single one of them. Some of the names would make me cringe and some of them would cause me to clutch my chest with joy, oh how I love a good name. I would spend the rest of the day naming my babies in my head. I use to want to name my baby boy Benjamin (anyone who knew my when I was young knows that I had a crazy ridiculous crush on a boy back then and I named my cabbage doll twins Benjamin and Kenjamin ((don't ask)) ANYWAY…. thank you Xavier Roberts for sparking my love of names…. and inspiring me to look deeper than Thelma and Louise when it came to naming my babies….

Why did you chose your children's name? Children's names are hard to choose! I chose my childrens names for various reasons. One of the kids is names after his father and after a famous actor. One of the kids I named after a gender neutral name I didn't care what he was, I just loved the name and his middle name is after my dad. One of the girls is named after a famous model, I love her and she is a timeless beauty and also after my sister. We also named one of them after my hot doctor - hey I was a young mom! One of the girls is named after my Great grandma and a dear family friend. I love choosing names for my children. It's so challenging and so wonderful. A name is a first impression, a life long commitment, it's often how people judge you. I love to hear people's names.

Plus when I heard my dad wanted to name me Roseanne I felt inspired to work hard for my kids to have good names!


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