Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I didn't blog about PROM like I should have because it was like admitting my kids were grown. When I took these pics of my son I had to blink back tears because this is IT. He's gone after this. This was his one event as a high schooler. He was never interested in prom before. Can you imagine how I will be at graduation? I stood there behind the lens and it was like his life flashed before my eyes. I know I have said this before but it really happens. It's like he grows up all over again right there in front of me and I can't believe it. I love his sweet girlfriend, the way she looks at him is priceless. I wanted to take so many more pictures but I just couldn't. It was so hard. The truth is all I could hear was the camera snapping so loudly. I couldn't even hear anyone talking around me. I could barely make out what was going on around me. I was trying so hard to just push the button. More than anything I wanted to rewind time and watch him run to me and hear him call me momma (although really he still does) I wanted to hear him ask for juice instead of gas money… Time has stolen him from me… but doesn't he look amazing? And isn't his girl a doll?

I have thanked my lucky stars for this beauty from the day she was born and I am so thankful that I have another year with her! I often blog about how amazing she is. I had an easier time taking pictures of her because thank goodness I have more time with her. Next year though I will be a blubbering mess … in fact I might just have to hire a photographer because there is simply no way I will be able to hold it together to take pics of this lovely girl! She fell in love with this dress and MANY others along the way! I think this one suited her spicy personality though and I LOVED it on her! I love having Kid1 and 2 close together and I love that they went to prom with friends. She went with a good friend of his because her boyfriend (who just happens to be the sweetest person on earth) lives out of state. They all had a great time. My kids are good kids and I knew they would be safe and sober prom night, which is a relief!

Prom for ME was a night of growing up kids, beautiful dresses and deep deep thoughts. My kids are growing/grown up. It's hard to let them go. I watched them for a few minutes at the Senior walkout and just watched Kid1 be a child one last time. He mingled with his friends, talked like a high school child would, threw his head back and laughed one last time in high school, one last time as a carefree kid…. one last time to be a child at a high school dance… it was hard. I wonder what he thought.

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feiane (fe-yan) said...

i love the gown.... so chic!