Monday, May 23, 2011

my kids, personalities and bullies.

I was thinking about my kids personalities today and how different they are. I found a little note tucked away in Kid4's room the other day when I was cleaning it and it said "Dear Hannah, (a girl from school) will you please please be a little nicer to me, you are hurting my feelings. " I teared up when I read it because I hate the thought of anyone being mean to my little goose and I know she is a little different.

Kid4 is more of a scholar, more of a thinker type. She is a free thinker. She doesn't think like the other girls, she doesn't play beauty shop and pretend to bake. She actually bakes, she would rather do math, paint giant paintings in the driveway than be tucked in her room. She is me. When I realized she was me, my heart went out to her. Being me wasn't easy... but I like me. We have a different song in our head than others do, I knew she would be misunderstood by many.

I absolutely love to listen to her chatter, read her writing, look at her drawings. I understand her deeply. She is profound in so many ways. This morning I was thinking about her and about Hannah. She and Hannah use to be friends, Hannah is the cheerleader kind of a girl. Kid4 is the math club kind of a girl, but she would also like to be the cheerleader kind of a girl.

My kid2 was not the cheerleader kind of a girl either but the difference was she didn't want to be. If someone made fun of her for not being a cheerleader or made her feel like she should be she might just have punched them in the mouth for it. Kid4 will come home crying, I just know it. She isn't tough like Kid2. Kid2 never cared once what people thought of her, she was so strong and Kid4 is as sensitive as a child can be.

My big kids are very protective of Kid4 and unfortunately somehow when I wasn't looking they formed a gang… and one day if a cheerleading team is mean to Kid4 I fear for them because their mascot is SO looking at a crotchless uniform and the girls are SO looking at pom-less pom-poms!

Anyway I was just thinking about her, and about kids being mean and about personalities and how different my kids personalities are. Aren't kids amazing? I cherish my kids so much. I love each of them differently, yet each of them tremendously. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have each and every one of them.

My babies are such a gift. ;)

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