Saturday, February 13, 2010

face plant

I have told you before about Kid1 and Kid2's best friend Baby T. He is so funny and sweet and we love him. He is always joking with us and sometimes I'm not sure if he's serious or not.

Last night my Kid1 ran in the door and then turned around to look out the window and stood there covering his mouth in shock. I really thought he was joking with me. I said "What's the matter?" He just stood there looking like he was going to pass out. I ran over and looked out the door to see Baby T's hand covering his face and blood dripping from his hands.

I yanked the door open and grabbed him and said "if this is a prank I am going to be SO mad!" He kept saying "Im NOT joking" Because these boys are such joksters I was not convinced. I grabbed his face and smelled it because lets face it, they both work at a BBQ joint and I was hoping it was BBQ sauce. One big whiff and I realized it was blood.

Poor kid.
My kid2 should be a nurse because while Kid1 (the passer outter) was trying to stay away from baby T for fear of passing out, she was wiping away his blood and cleaning up his face. She sat him down and took such amazing care of him. She iced his face and cleaned his hands, she never even hesitated.

Baby T's dad came and got him and he went home to rest for the night.

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