Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The 3 muskateers then and now


I have a lovely friend who I have in the past referred to as my fun friend Linda. I could refer to her by so many names like my kind friend Linda, my long time friend Linda, good time Linda (wink wink), or just tell you that she’s the sweetest friend to me and I love her so much.

When I visit Mt Perfect she always houses and feeds me. When I bring friends and family she welcomes them with open arms. I am so thankful for my fun friend Linda in so many ways.

Our kids are good friends and they have been hanging out since before they turned one. I love to look back and think of how they will feel knowing they have always known each other and always been friends. Her sweet second son and my Kid4 are best buds and this trip Kid4 and her little darling girl had a blast together. Aren’t childhood friends the best?

Dear Linda, I just can’t find the proper words to tell you how much I love you and how much I appreciate you. Your kindness is so rare. Thank you a million jillion times for loving me and accepting crazy quirky me. You mean the world to me Linda!

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