Tuesday, June 26, 2012

tomato heaven :)

process    noun    1 investigation is a long processprocedureoperationaction,activityexerciseaffairbusinessjobtaskundertaking.    2 a new canning processmethodsystemtechniquemeans,practicewayapproachmethodology.
worknouna day's work in the fieldslabortoilslogdrudgery,exertioneffortindustryserviceinformal grindsweat,elbow grease.
labornounmanual laborworkhard worktoilexertionindustry,drudgeryeffortmenial workinformal sloggrindsweat,scut workliterary travailmoil.
We spent our Monday processing gorgeous Slocomb Alabama tomatoes from the White's farm was SO. MUCH. WORK. 
but SOOO worth it. 
We yielded LOTS of tomato sauce, stewed tomatoes, marinara, and ketsup. What a beautiful day full of hard work, helpful babies and absolute heaven in Bat Girls new kitchen! 
What are YOU making this summer?

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