Saturday, May 26, 2012

my baby graduated today...

Wasn't it just the other day that I was standing in that big ol room full of chaos and anxious parents? Wasn't it just the other day that my OTHER baby graduated? How could this have happened so fast? 

I swear it was just last week that I was buttoning up her pretty blue dress for preschool. I am positive that just the other day I was holding her hand waiting for the doors of Kindergarten to swing open and I can just hear her little voice announce that she wanted to learn to spell her WHOLE name! (she has two first names and they're LoooooooonG). Her teacher doubted that she could do it but my Kid2 proved her wrong! She has been a success at everything she tries from day 1. 

I can just see her entering Chapel Hill Elementary for the first time ever and how she was so confident and sure of herself, but she always is. I can just see her long blonde hair blowing in that hot Texas wind just like it were yesterday. I can feel her little hugs, just remember how it felt to pat her little tiny tummy. 

I've gone on to have two more beautiful girls, but she'll always be my first. She'll always be the girl who I was smitten by and smothered in everything pink from the minute I brought her home from the hospital.

She'll always be the one that introduced me to the world of little girls and everything lovely and strong willed! 

I love her. 

Dear Kid2,
You were breathtaking tonight. I am just so proud of you for so many things. I wish I were better when it comes to telling you how much I adore you, I am just better at writing it down. Thank you for being my little baby girl. Thank you for loving me even when you knew I was wrong. Thank you for being the lovely person that you are. You are absolutely stunning inside and out. 
I love YOU to the moon and back my little princess! Have a fun and safe weekend! 

I love you,
Love momma

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