Sunday, November 13, 2011

stabbing, skyping and falling jack o lantern faces!

We SKYPED with Daddy while we carved. I'll be honest Daddy is the KING pumpkin carver and I didn't do our pumpkin justice. I prefer painting pumpkins… Hard pumpkins, sharp knives and orange guts just aren't my thing. I carved away while Daddy cringed from all the way across the world afraid he was about to witness a massacre of orange and red… I jabbed and poked and carved while daddy and Kid4 enjoyed visiting. When I was done, the ENTIRE front of the face fell OFF!!!!!

SOOO… I was a pumpkin carving failure, Daddy was the glad it was over and Kid4 tried to glue it back together… but, our night was complete… because we got to spend it with Daddy.

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