Friday, July 30, 2010

wish us LUCK, we'll need it!

We're hitting the road AGAIN.

Are you surprised?

We're taking Kid3 A.K.A. MY baby to NMMI for high school.

We are stuffing in the car and I bet we'll look like the Clampett's moving to Cali!
We are bringing our beloved Weezy, Kid 1's girl, of course Mr. B and I, and Kids 1-4.
We are bringing ALL of kid3's stuff because well, he's moving (I don't want to talk about it)
We are bringing entertainment for Kid4 because she has the great ability to talk for well.... probably the whole drive, but who are we kidding, I'll slip her some dramamine at some point.
We're bringing at least 2 computers, probably more like 4 because thats who we are, we're a technologically advanced family... John Tesh would caution us against it Im quite sure, I just don't care. I love my computer (and cell phone and I-pod).
We never travel without blankets, because after all it's hot at H-E double hockey sticks and we wouldn't want to be without blankets.... right?
Mr. B. has told the girls "only ONE SMALL bag each" so I'm sure they will hide shoes under their seats because it's foreign to girls to travel with "ONE SMALL bag".

Wish us luck we'll need it to get the kids in the car with only "one small bag" each, for the long long drive, for the never ending chatting that will certainly happen, for the grouchy kids one hour into this million hour drive and for Mr. B.'s sanity (Im going to sleep)

Love you all,

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millerhood said...

Hey Ash! Your eyes are not deceiving you....Yes, it's me, Yolanda!

I saw your comment from Jan 2009 today and I am JUST NOW CATCHING UP! Sorry, somehow I lost my way. I will try to do better. I tried my best to catch my blog up to date. I still need to post pics tho.

So Kid 3 is off to a new adventure. I wish him well and traveling grace to you all.