Monday, July 26, 2010

drama, drama, drama!

I was talking to Mr. B. tonight about drama, low drama, high drama, no drama…. Just drama.

After talking we have come to the conclusion that drama is not all bad. To ask a girl to have no drama is like telling a kid that they can’t have any candy in the candy store- it’s not gonna happen. As humans we really do thrive off of a certain amount of drama and that’s okay. Life would be boring without it.

I think these are key survival tips for drama-

1. learning not to need drama to survive

2.learning not to create drama to survive

This delicate balance is a tricky one and teaching it to a teenage girl is darn near impossible…. But I’m trying.

I want my girls to have a certain amount of drama; I mean what’s a girl without that little squeal of delight, the six-year-old girl scream when they see a spider and the huffing and puffing when things don’t go quite right? I love it about girls, Mr. B. loves it about girls, but there is a line and that line gets crossed in our house too much.

We’re all learning.

We’re all human.

But thank goodness,

we’re not ALL girls!