Tuesday, March 30, 2010

introducing...... (drum roll please)


This gorgeous girl has stolen my sons heart. He met her a couple of years ago and I knew when I saw the way he looked at her that there was something special about her. This girl is beautiful inside and out, she is brilliant and they are so lucky to have found each other in this big world. Weezy is an amazing friend to Kid1 and the love of his life. We are so privledged to spend time getting to know her. She is truly a pure hearted lovely girl. I could not have chosen a better girl for him.

Isn't young love amazing? Don't you wish you could feel young love one more time, or do you have times when you do feel it? I have times when I look at Mr B. and feel like Im 15 again. If we could bottle young love we'd make a million dollars.... but it seems like cutting young hearts out might be a crime..... hmmmmm.......?

Weezy, gah- I luh ya!

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