Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy birthday baby girl (March 25th is her birthday)

My Dear Baby sister,

You changed my life in one second. I can remember the minute I laid eyes on you, I was instantly in love. There is no way to describe how my heart filled with warmth and love that afternoon. There is no way to describe how hard I fell in love with you.

Some days I’ll be sitting and thinking about you without even realizing it if I close my eyes I can feel your soft little hair in my hands and your tiny fingers touching mine. If I squeeze my eyes tight I can hear your little voice calling me once again. The days that I think of you and remember when you were a baby are so real and I want to keep my eyes closed forever and think of you so tiny and soft. I can just see your little fat feet squeezed into those little mary janes and the lines they left when we took them off of you. I can just see you in those little blue overalls with the cow on the front waddling along just learning how to walk. Some days I can still feel you in my arms, the weight of a beautiful baby girl looking at me making me feel like I owned the world.

I often say that you were my first true love. I always had M, I never knew life without him but you, oh you I remember life before you and I cherish you more because of it. I learned how to love a baby and a child because of you. I learned how to hold a child’s hand and kiss a boo boo because of you. You made me a better mother when I had my own children.

I love you more than I have ever told you because there are simply not words to describe a bond between sisters. The miles and circumstances have separated us physically but my love for you is a strong one. Please know I adore you, please know I thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons in life. Please know that you were my first true love.

Little Sister, I love you forever and always.
~your Big Sis~

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Erin said...

nothing like making a girl cry on a friday morning!! what a tribute, ashley!