Wednesday, October 16, 2013

tupid continues

(momma and baby lion)

I ALWAYS ask Kid5 what the names of her animals and babies are. I love it when kids start naming their babies and animals. (with the exception of Kid4 who named all her animals lindsay or brittany). 

Kid5 and I were on our way out the door to go grocery shopping and she ran back in and grabbed her tiger. I said "Oh! I love that tiger! What is her name? And she replied "tupid".... seriously? Can she NOT forget that I said that? 

I decide that it's not always necessary to point out what she shouldn't say since it usually encourages her to say it LOTS more. I just ignored it and loaded her up in the car. Off to get groceries we go. 

Fast forward to a few minutes later, we're at the store. People ALWAYS talk to Kid5. She is very friendly and never meets a stranger. She is loved by all strangers, seriously! 

stranger- Oh hi little cutie!
Kid5- Wook at my tigew!
stranger- oh look at that tiger! whats your tigers name?

**insert panic here**

Kid5- ...two......

**thank goodness, she think she asked how old she was.... whew.......**

stranger- two?

Kid5- Tigew name tupid!

stranger- ..... uh.... uh.....?

Now at this moment I realize that this lady is calculating exactly what she just said... I am going over in my head how I can fix this, but really... is it necessary? If I explain to the lady that I had stepped on a zebra yesterday and accidentally said "stupid" will it even make sense? I mean.... stepping on a zebra doesn't even seem possible to a person who doesn't have children at home.... and then I will be saying "stupid" AGAIN out loud... and do I really need to explain all this over the condiment aisle in the grocery store? So I slink away and take the tiger and put it on my purse in the back of the cart and hope that the nice lady is finished shopping. 

Fast forward to later my cart is almost full and our friend "tupid" is barely hanging onto my purse... I add one more thing and he topples out onto the floor. OF COURSE a super sweet little old lady picks up her "tupid tiger" and hands it to her. I say "what do you say" and she says "Tank you tupid tigew"...

I'll let you guess my embarrassment

Long story short I HAD to address the word... obviously ignoring wasn't helping. 

FAIL ... again

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