Wednesday, May 1, 2013

summer, summer, summer time ...

Summer time... is a grand time for kids. We live in hot weather and "summer" starts early here for us. We get to clean up our bikes, grease up our skates, sweep off the swing set and pull out our flip flops. I don't enjoy summer like my kids do, but I LOVE watching them play in the hot Georgia sun.

I love to watch Kid4's hair trail behind her in the breeze while she rides her bike as fast as she can. She's free when she's riding her bike. She's free from the judgement, schoolwork, piers, she can be lost in thought and in her own head.

Watching Kid5 sift the sand through her little tiny fingers is pure joy. To see her little legs carry her through the yard from one thing to another is bliss! She will enjoy summer for the first time this year with no assistance. I can't wait to watch every minute!

Summertime is a time of freedom, a time for no worries and a time to play until the sun goes down.

Enjoy it friends :)

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