Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer stories- the ER diaries

Poor baby. She has had pneumonia for WEEKS… I took her in the first time and it was just teething, I felt so silly! This was not my first baby, shouldn't I know what teething looks like by now? Then we found ourselves in the ER again and I was positive that she must have an ear infection… nope. They said she must have gas and a fever from teething… It must be me, I must be totally overreacting! We went a third time because I was just sure that this time it was an ear infection… no fever but she was so so fussy. Strike three, she's fine, of course! At this point, I am left to really doubt my parenting judgments… ONE MORE time I take her because this time she has 103 temperature and I go in knowing that I am going to push them to really look harder… … she had pneumonia all along. I felt so sad for her and had to remind myself that I need to trust my judgment as a mom. 

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