Friday, July 13, 2012

my water babies

Were on a little mini-vaca in Alabama… I know, I know, your shocked! Mr. B. took a couple of days off (well, he worked from Bat Girls) and this evening we all went to the water park. WHAT a great little place! Kid5 detests the water but warmed up pretty quickly, especially because she loves Dusty and he was IN the water too! It wasn't an over all success though because she threw up twice :( Once on Bat Girl and once on her daddy- LUCKY ME! She is a barfer when she teethes. 

My beautiful Kid4 LOVES to be in the water and had a blast. After about an hour she decided she had enough and we cuddled until Mr. B. and Dusty were finished playing. We all had a great time, but we always do. Together is our favorite place to be!

P.S. Are the girls swimsuits to DIE for our what? I LOVE little girls in modest swim suits! I get their suits from Gymboree every year because they usually have modest and darling suits to chose from! 

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