Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today I was looking into the big beautiful blue eyes of my Kid5 and thinking how my dear friend H. would have loved her so much. Kid5 is spunky, funny and full of life. H. helped me so much when I had Kid1, he was challenging to get to sleep and she taught me to rub his little face and every so often rub over an eye and eventually those little eyes will stay closed. She was so gentle with her babies and I loved that about her. When I was at wits end wondering how to get my baby to sleep she gently taught me to be soft and kind. She was soft and kind in everything she did. She never spoke to me harshly, she was truly my friend and truly wanted me to be safe and happy. I loved her and her death shook me like I had never been shaken before. Kid5 is named after her and today when I was leaned over her crib gently rubbing her face I couldn't help but to think of how H. would have loved her and how gently she would have rocked her in her arms. It's been so many years since H. has been gone that I don't think of her as often as I used to, but it's days like these that I miss her deeply. 

Rest in Peace my H. you will never be forgotten. 

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